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Why Use Woven Wire Mesh Partitions?

You have plenty of options when it comes to sectioning off or securing an area. But woven wire mesh partitions offer many benefits that other materials simply lack. For example, our one-and-a-half-inch diamond mesh partitions are securely interwoven, double crimped, durable products. We clinch our partitions on drawn metal frames, making them stronger. We can [...]

Step-by-Step Guide to Operating a JescoHuskyDumper®

The JescoHuskyDumper® makes shop maintenance easy, convenient, and safe. To learn about Jesco® supplies and why we pride ourselves as a top of the line manufacturer, check out our blog on Why Your Shop Needs an Industrial Hopper. To learn more about the JescoHuskyDumper and how to use it, keep reading. Warning: Always observe all [...]

Why Your Shop Needs an Industrial Hopper

As a member of the National Association of Manufacturers, Jesco® is aware of the amount of scrap that gets produced in one day. Traditionally, scraps fall to the floor or lay in a wired crate, waiting to be emptied. Standard scrap dumping practices are often inconvenient, hazardous, and generally messy. Jesco® offers a solution with [...]

Why You Should Be Using Metal Storage Lockers

Metal storage lockers are safe, reliable, and convenient for garage and shop applications. At Jesco® and Wire and Iron Productions Co. (WIPCO® - a division of Jesco Industries Inc.) when we say metal storage lockers, we don’t mean the things that lined your high school hallway either. These are heavy-duty, welded angle frames with multiple [...]

Case study: Wire Mesh Partitions to Secure Stairwell

Brian Auseon, Sales Engineer Jesco Industries, Inc. - Wire & Iron Products Co. The process began in 2017 as a project bid to Allenfarm Fence Company located in Hermon, Maine. The project requirement was to design a security partition for a stairwell in Nokomis Middle School in Newport Maine. The customer supplied the architects drawings [...]

Case study: Guarding for Automated Packaging Equipment

Brian Moore-Sales Engineer Jesco Industries, Inc. Since 1981, a growth in technology and specialized equipment has enabled Highlight Industries of Wyoming Michigan to assist their clients to think safety first when using their automated equipment. An industry leader in stretch wrappers, case sealers, strapping machines, stretch film test and quality control systems. More recently, Highlight [...]

Case study: Securing Data Center with Wire Mesh Partitions

Securing Data Center with Wire Mesh Partitions Brian Moore-Sales Engineer Jesco Industries, Inc. A large Midwestern data center needed to secure their servers and decided wire mesh partitions was the logical choice; there would be no issues with air circulation or lighting not to mention an unobstructed view of the entire area. The criteria was [...]

How Women Have Shaped Major Industries Like Manufacturing

There’s a common misconception out there that women don’t, or shouldn’t, work in manufacturing. At Jesco, you’ll know how we couldn’t disagree more. As a member of The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), we want to talk about how women have and continue to shape the manufacturing industry. If you’re interested in learning about [...]

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