Heavy Duty Metal Storage Lockers

Why You Should Be Using Metal Storage Lockers

Metal storage lockers are safe, reliable, and convenient for garage and shop applications. At Jesco® and Wire and Iron Productions Co. (WIPCO® – a division of Jesco Industries Inc.) when we say metal storage lockers, we don’t mean the things that lined your high school hallway either. These are heavy-duty, welded angle frames with multiple steel gauge options and wire meshing. To find out how they could make your workplace or garage space more accessible, keep reading.

Organization Benefits

Sectioning off zones in your garage or workspace allows you to keep things from becoming cluttered. A bulk storage locker gives your tools, supplies, work attire, and your equipment a home.

Without a proper place, this stuff will get lost and can turn your working areas into a cluttered disaster. We all know how frustrating it can be when you can’t find that one power tool you need to keep a project moving!

For shop owners, these crates help ensure safety and cleanliness, helping you maintain OSHA safety regulations. Without them, you run the risk of someone on your team getting injured or valuable gear and supplies getting left around, broken, lost, or even stolen.

Industrial grade lockers help keep things running smoothly so that your shop won’t fall behind because of poor organizational standards.

In your garage, you might be interested in something like an Over Car Storage Locker. These are popular options for people trying to maximize space in their garage without having to get rid of tools or supplies.

An Over Car Storage Locker can be attached to either your garage wall or the ceiling. With one of these, you can park your car without the frustration of having to move your tools and equipment around every time you want to use them.

Reliability Benefits

Our bulk storage lockers aren’t going to snap like wood or cheaply fabricated lockers will. They can take a beating, and they’ll handle your equipment just fine. As a custom design manufacturer, we can also custom create products to fit your specific fabrication needs. Here are some quick details of our traditional models:

  • Our Over Car Storage Lockers can easily hold 400 distributed pounds.
  • Our Welded storage Lockers can hold 500lbs per shelf for a total holding weight of 1500 lbs — that’s about half a car.
  • Our Bulk Storage Lockers, which stand upright against a wall, provide secure storage for townhouses, sheds, shops, condominiums, office buildings…you get the gist. These can also be expanded upon to accommodate a myriad of products.

Whatever your storage needs may be, we can forge a reliable product for you!

Safety and Security Options

At Jesco and WIPCO, we have a wide variety of storage solutions for all our customers. If you’re in need of something larger, we’ll have you covered. Here’s a quick list of some of our popular alternatives:

  • Cylinder Storage Cabinets
  • Bulk Storage Lockers
  • Security Package Trucks
  • Partition Systems / Full Enclosures
  • JescoPalletGard®
  • Machine Rack Guards
  • Machine Rail Guard

Whether you need ease of access, portability, or something massive to help keep equipment like tractors or vehicles locked up, Jesco can provide.

Ready for Storage Solutions?

If you’re ready to get organized, keep your stuff safe, and work with a reliable storage solutions provider, Jesco Industries and WIPCO are here to help as your international manufacturing provider. Feel free to reach out and contact us online or by phone at  (800) 455-0019 with any service needs or questions.

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