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How Jesco Products Protect Your Employees on the Warehouse Floor

Warehouses can be dangerous places, even for seasoned employees. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires workplaces to meet certain safety standards to ensure the safety of workers.

At Jesco Industries, we offer a variety of products that can help make your warehouse floor a safer environment. Let’s take a look at how some of our products can help you protect both your employees and your inventory:

  • JescoHuskyDumper® 
  • JescoBarrier® 
  • JescoPalletGard®
  • Jesco® Eezy Stak®
  • Jesco® Partitions
  • JescoGard® 
  • Jesco® Work Platform


Our self-dumping hoppers are a great way to dispose of bulk materials and scrap safely. Instead of having employees dump hoppers on their own, potentially exposing them to dangerous materials, our JescoHuskyDumper can dump itself. It can also right itself and return to an upright, locked position automatically. 

Upgrading from a standard hopper to a self-dumping hopper will make your manufacturing process go more smoothly. With our JescoHuskyDumper, you can be confident that any scraps left over from your manufacturing process will be handled safely.


Need to define a work area or section off a department? Our wire mesh guarding systems allow you to establish a safe layout in your warehouse. That way, you can restrict unnecessary traffic and ensure that any materials brought into your warehouse flow through it safely.

Our barriers can be installed with standard hand tools. They’re also built in a panel system, so you can make layout changes with ease.


Do you have inventory or equipment loaded onto high pallet racks? It’s too easy for objects to fall off pallet racks, creating a hazardous mess on the floor or even making contact with an employee, potentially causing an injury.

Our JescoPalletGard panels are built to keep whatever you’re storing safely on your pallet racks. With these steel mesh containment panels, you can keep your employees safe while still keeping your inventory or equipment visible and accessible.

Jesco Eezy Stak

Need to set up a guarding system fast? Our Eezy Stak system is engineered to save up to 75% of your setup time without sacrificing on safety. Our woven wire mesh panels are securely welded into a strong angle frame, and all posts are painted safety yellow.

Jesco Partitions

At Jesco, our one-and-a-half-inch diamond mesh partitions are double crimped, securely interwoven, and clinched on drawn metal frames. As well as providing strength and durability, these partitions also allow for clear visibility and maximum ventilation. Woven wire mesh partitions are a great option for a variety of situations, including stairwells and server protection.


Need guardrails to protect your employees and your property? Our JescoGard acts as both a visual and physical barrier to section off aisles, docks, conveyors, and other equipment. Painted safety yellow, these guardrails are designed and tested to stop a 10,000-pound load moving at four miles per hour from breaking through. 

Jesco Work Platform

Forklifts can be dangerous pieces of machinery, but with our Jesco Work Platform, you can easily convert your forklift into a safe workspace. Our work platforms come with a number of safety features, including:

  • Safety harness ring
  • Hinge gate
  • Slip resistant deck
  • Safety pin lock
  • Two safety chains
  • Safety yellow paint job

We also provide optional features, such as casters, a back riser, a tool tray, and a light bulb caddy.

Provide a Safe Work Environment with Jesco

As an international manufacturing provider, we create a variety of products designed to make your warehouse floor safer. Call Jesco Industries at 1 (800) 455-0019, or contact us online to request a quote.

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