Jesco Industries Hand Trucks Metal Fabrication

Movement Meets Organization with Jesco Trucks

Your business, whether it be a bustling warehouse or a traditional office, should operate like a well-oiled machine. By that we mean everything has its place and every employee is able to move from point A to point B in a way that facilitates production.

Is it currently a difficult process to get the items you produce or even the shipments you receive to and from where they are stored? Do you have materials that need to be organized but also moved around a workstation? Hand trucks from Jesco Industries, Inc. provide both movement and storage for your business.

Our trucks are not what they sound like. No, they are not huge automobiles. Jesco trucks are in fact industrial hand carts that make life in a warehouse or office easier in a variety of ways. Let’s explore 4 particular ways that they can ease your work flow.

Transport Bulky Materials Within Your Facility

Depending on what you custom fabricate or regularly have shipped to your business, items can be too heavy to carry for more than a few steps. For the benefit of your back and arms, Jesco trucks are here to do the heavy lifting for you.

Low profile trucks in particular are the option built for more rugged use. Ranging from heavy duty to super heavy duty, these utility carts allow employees to handle hefty materials with ease. All they need to do is load the cart and push it along to its destination.

For further comfort, add tilted ergonomic handles to make pushing easier. No matter what you’re pushing, varying sizes of casters will support the weight of the items transported.

Store Items Safely

Sometimes items need to be more than transported, they need to be securely stored. That is where Jesco security package trucks come in. They’re equipped with swivel casters which allow for movement and have wire mesh doors with a padlock hasp.

Set materials on shelves provided inside the storage unit or choose no shelves to make storing taller items easier. All welded construction like the others, these structures are will last wherever you put them inside your business.

Create a Portable Work Station

Do you or your other employees need a little more counter space to work? What about a mobile station? Not a problem our multi-purpose trucks can’t solve.

Push the cart right up to your work area, set items on top as you work and voila, you’ve got extra work space that can then move whenever.

Stage Raw Stock for Processing

No matter how big or small the task, Jesco shelf trucks are great for the stockroom, warehouse, or shipping department.

Having a designated cart available for material staging can be especially handy when you have so much material to move on a regular basis. Employees can easily keep a shelf truck (or more) next to their workstation and once they’re ready to move, progress from there.

Choose What’s Best for Your Business

Being able to move items throughout your business with ease is important. No one wants a strained back or sore arms from lifting too many boxes.

At Jesco Industries, Inc., we want what we manufacture to serve your business in the best way. Our dedicated team of custom metal fabricators in Litchfield, MI, are ready to build a durable hand truck that will move loads of materials for many years. Contact us online for a free quote or call us today at 1-800-455-0019.

From the Simplest to Complex Jesco Does it Best!