Case study: Securing Data Center with Wire Mesh Partitions

Securing Data Center with Wire Mesh Partitions

Brian Moore-Sales Engineer

Jesco Industries, Inc.

Custom Made Wire Mesh PartitionsA large Midwestern data center needed to secure their servers and decided wire mesh partitions was the logical choice; there would be no issues with air circulation or lighting not to mention an unobstructed view of the entire area.

The criteria was straight forward: Secure the server racks, provide specialty locks to restrict access into the rooms and to provide the material in a timely manner. A discussion ensued about their plans for the space and CAD drawings were provided. This allowed the customer, along with their planning team, to communicate with the manufacturer to look into every detail for the project which allowed the project to come together smoothly without surprises.

This particular project required electronic locking system; which may have a significant impact on price, and comes with its’ own installation challenges. Additional mounting plates for the card readers and electronic strikes in both single and double hinge doors were necessary along with panic bars on the inside on the hinge doors were just some of the project requirements.

All cut-outs for overhead and wall mounted obstructions have to be located carefully and have a finished look when the project is completed.

Wire mesh can have challenges, especially when installing wire mesh partitions on a raised data floor or have ceilings with obstructions. Luckily this project had neither. On a raised data floor [usually, not always] there are installation challenges to be concerned about because bracing may have to be done through the raised floors with cut-outs on the raised floors.

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