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Why Use Woven Wire Mesh Partitions?

You have plenty of options when it comes to sectioning off or securing an area. But woven wire mesh partitions offer many benefits that other materials simply lack.

For example, our one-and-a-half-inch diamond mesh partitions are securely interwoven, double crimped, durable products. We clinch our partitions on drawn metal frames, making them stronger. We can make our partitions in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. 

Here are some specific reasons you may want to consider woven wire mesh partitions for your next project.

Guaranteed Ventilation

Woven wire mesh partitions are an excellent choice if what you’re securing requires ventilation. 

For example, a woven wire mesh is the best option if you want to secure your company’s servers. That’s what Jesco Industries used when a large Midwestern data center approached us for a security solution. Keeping your servers cool is crucial to keeping both your data and your property safe.

Better Visibility

If you’re securing something, it’s because it’s valuable to you or your company. Woven wire mesh partitions let you keep your eyes on your property while still keeping it safe and secure.

Better visibility is also invaluable in situations where you want to use a partition to increase people’s safety. For example, when Nokomis Middle School in Newport, Maine, wanted to secure a stairwell, they didn’t just want to put up a wall that would allow students or visitors to walk around unseen. By using woven wire mesh, Nokomis Middle School was able to keep their stairwell well-lit and within view of teachers and staff without sacrificing on security.

Fire Prevention

When the worst happens, you’ll want to make sure you chose the best materials to secure your property. Woven wire mesh partitions are fireproof. They also, simply due to the nature of their construction, provide firefighters the ability to hose spray your property even if the partitions themselves remain locked. 

Cost-Effective and Secure

Our partitions are made out of woven wire mesh, resulting in a pattern of geometric spaces between the wires. Because of this, they automatically use less materials to construct than a partition made out of something completely solid. That means you get the durability and security of a solid partition for a fraction of the cost.

Using mesh also decreases other related costs. Do you want to spend extra money fitting a secure space with video cameras and microphones to make sure you can see and hear what’s going on at all times? Woven wire mesh partitions allow you to skip the intense security installation and instead rely on your eyes and ears to protect your property.

You don’t have to compromise on cost just to get the security you need. If you do have greater security concerns, our high security wire systems are heavy-duty products that can give you peace of mind.

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