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Step-by-Step Guide to Operating a JescoHuskyDumper®

The JescoHuskyDumper® makes shop maintenance easy, convenient, and safe. To learn about Jesco® supplies and why we pride ourselves as a top of the line manufacturer, check out our blog on Why Your Shop Needs an Industrial Hopper. To learn more about the JescoHuskyDumper and how to use it, keep reading.

Industrial Dumper FabricationWarning: Always observe all safety rules of your company, OSHA, ASME, ITA, along with the manufacturer of the forklift. Dumpers are to be used by properly trained personnel only.

Step 1: Mount the Hopper to Your Forklift

We design our hoppers with built-in pockets so that attaching the JescoHuskyDumper to a forklift is easy for a certified forklift operator.

First, adjust your forks to the level of the hopper’s pockets. Then, insert the forks into the pockets.

The forks should slide all the way in without any resistance. If you notice the hopper moving or grinding across the floor while you try to insert the forks it may be because the forks are not properly aligned.

The easiest practice is for a driver to create enough distance between the forklift and the hopper so that it’s a straight shot rather than trying to maneuver the forks in at an angle.

Step 2: Securing the Hopper

Now that your hopper is on the forklift, you’ll need to secure it before raising or operating the hopper.

To secure the JescoHuskyDumper, take the safety retaining chain on its side and secure it to your forklift mast. After completing this step you’ll be able to raise, lower, and operate your forklift with the JescoHuskyDumper safely attached.

All of Jesco’s products are designed with usability and continence in mind, without jeopardizing safety. Be sure to go over the complete safety manual for each product before use.

Step 3: Dumping Scraps from the Hopper

NOTE: The JescoHuskyDumper must be full to empty properly.

While maneuvering the JescoHuskyDumper on the forklift, be sure to practice OSHA safety procedures. If necessary, have a forklift spotter to make sure no one gets harmed.

When your hopper gets full, be sure to go through all the safety steps before trying to maneuver it.

With your full hopper safely on the ground and the forks in position, open the hopper’s safety latch and retrieve the trip rope from the back of it. Do not let the rope trail or drag while operating the forklift because if the rope goes taught, it will cause the JescoHuskyDumper to empty.

Keep the rope with you while operating the forklift, and raise the hopper into position over your scrap container.

Slightly tip your forks forward and then pull the trip rope to empty the hopper.

The hopper will automatically roll forward and empty what it contains. Make sure no one is ever in the way of this process, and make sure no one ever tries to force the hopper to tip over by any other method than stated.

4. Return the Hopper Safely

After the hopper has emptied, slightly tilt your forks back up and the hopper will automatically roll back into its resting position. The handle should relatch automatically.

Afterward, return the hopper to the ground and reattach the trip rope to the cleat, then return the safety latch to the closed and locked position.

After this, you’re all set to return your JescoHuskyDumper to its position, and refill it with scraps or waste for the next dump.

Need a JescoHuskyDumper?

We hope the JescoHuskyDumper helps keep your shop clean, organized, and safe. To get an automatic hopper for your shop, feel free to reach out and contact us here at Jesco by phone at (1-800) 455-0019 or online. As an international manufacturer, we provide the highest quality products for companies all over the world. For more information on Jesco and the products we offer, check out our blog page.

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