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4 Ways to Securely Upgrade Your Business

Making sure your business is secure inside and out is top priority. Security should not be overlooked as it is imperative that employees, guests of your establishment, and tools are all kept safe.

Thankfully, at Jesco Industries, Inc. we have options available that can be adequately tailored to fit the specific needs of your business. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that our custom fabricated security gates, enclosures, barriers, and machine guarding systems are built to last.

Folding Security Gates

Want to control the flow of traffic while also securing an area not to be accessed by the public? If yes, our folding security gates are the perfect choice for you. Constructed using 3/4″ steel channels, Jesco security gates allow for both light and air to pass through and are entirely foldable for ease of use.

The gates themselves are also able to be swung out of the way and come in a variety of dimensions whether for single or double doors. If intended for a double door, the gates feature a drop pin, or cane bolt, located at the center to prevent movement if desired.

To further enhance security for your business, each gate is equipped with a lock system that will work perfectly with a standard padlock when added. Surface mounted or recessed, our security gates are a great option for side entrances or other entry points that need to remain employee only.


If you have an area inside of your business that needs to be individually protected in some way, enclosures will help you do exactly that. Our Jesco metal enclosures are built using durable wire mesh partitions that are double crimped, firmly interwoven, and clinched on drawn metal frames for a long-lasting product.

Also customizable, enclosures can feature ceilings, are equipped with a slide door and transoms, and are easily assembled with a minimal amount of tools. You can even expand upon them thanks to their modular design or relocate them in the future should you decide to do so.


Needing to safely define work areas, aisle ways, or departments has been made easier with Jesco barriers, or mesh guarding systems. These guarding systems can be laid out in a way that properly restricts traffic and subsequently directs the flow of materials elsewhere within a plant or warehouse.

Similar to our other products, barriers can be easily installed and the panels allow for relocation. If you have large machinery or a distinct work area within your shop that you’d like sectioned off for the safety of others who may be touring or walking by, this is ideal.

Machine Guarding

Similar to the barriers, our machine guarding systems are manufactured using woven wire mesh panels that are welded into a strong angle frame. With tools sectioned off inside, work areas are well defined and kept separate from those who may not possess necessary training to operate them.

Highlight Industries in Wyoming, MI, chose to incorporate this type of wire mesh enclosure around some of their automated equipment to better align with safety legislation as it prevents others from entering the area accidentally.

Safely and Securely Enhance Your Business

Metal fabrication is what we do and we strive to make products that help improve safety and security at your business. Our team of custom metal fabricators in Litchfield, MI,  specialize in constructing durable, long-lasting items for clients around the world. Call Jesco Industries, Inc. today at 1-800-455-0019 or contact us online to request a free quote or send us a message.

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