Tenant Storage Lockers

Why Tenant Storage Lockers Are Worth the Investment

Whether you watch Hoarders or Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, one thing about American culture is clear: we love stuff, and we desperately need places to store it. It makes sense, then, that many property owners choose to invest in tenant storage lockers for their condominiums, apartment complexes, and retirement communities.

Did you know that there are more self-storage facilities in the United States than McDonald’s and Starbucks locations combined? Condo lockers are a great opportunity for tenants to store their belongings closer to home. 

At Jesco Industries, we’re proud to offer high-quality, bulk storage lockers so property owners can provide a safe storage solution onsite for their tenants.

Benefits of Tenant Storage Lockers

Add-On Capacity

At Jesco Industries, we offer bulk storage lockers to meet the storage needs of your community. However, we’re not asking you to invest in 100 storage lockers upfront. Instead, we manufacture modular, three-sided units that are designed to expand with your needs.

Not all of your tenants may want to take advantage of an onsite storage locker as soon as they’re available. Some may only be persuaded when they see others reaping the benefits of additional storage. That’s why we don’t necessarily recommend ordering a locker for each tenant at the start.

Instead, try to gauge your community’s interest and demand for more storage with a starter unit. Then, feel free to order Add-On Units to attach as needed.

Secure Storage Solution

You may already offer amenities that could be used for additional storage, such as a garage for each apartment unit. But did you know that 65% of Americans who rent a self-storage unit already have a garage? 

Clearly, many tenants still have a need for a secure storage solution to protect their belongings. Resorting to using a space not necessarily meant for storage, like a garage, could leave your tenants’ possessions vulnerable to theft.

Our bulk storage units are padlockable, with steel frames that easily and securely attach to existing walls. With our lockers, your tenants won’t have to wonder whether or not their belongings are truly secure.

Additionally, our condo lockers are made from woven rectangular mesh. This allows for maximum air movement, protecting your tenants’ belongings from other destructive forces such as mold or moisture.

Revenue Generator

There are so many hidden costs when it comes to being a property owner that many landlords don’t want to invest in anything beyond the essentials. However, storage lockers aren’t just another amenity that will go underutilized by your tenants. In fact, they can actually be a surprisingly effective revenue generator.

As a property owner, you’ll have to decide how much to charge for your residents to rent a storage locker. However, even a small fee can generate revenue over time. In fact, many landlords find that they completely recoup their investment after just a year, making any future or ongoing fees a nice profit.

Invest in Tenant Storage Lockers

Our storage locker manufacturers can create sturdy, secure tenant lockers for your apartment complex, condominiums, or retirement community. Call Jesco Industries today at 1 (800) 455-0019, or contact us online to request a quote.

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