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Choosing the Right Door For Your Enclosure

The first step has been made: you’ve decided to purchase a Jesco metal enclosure built using durable wire mesh partitions. But, you now need to choose the right door to suit your needs. Do you want a door that easily slides or is hinged? Should it have a window panel?

These are all questions to consider when deciding how you’d like the enclosure to be accessed. Depending on what is stored inside, you may want to increase the security and prevent outsiders from entering with a unique lock.

In this blog, we’ll be briefly looking at the types of doors, and locks, you can select for your very own custom enclosure.

Why an Enclosure?

You might be thinking, “Well, do I really need a metal enclosure for my business?”. Everyone might not see the same value in purchasing an enclosure but if you have large equipment or a designated area that you’d like to protect, it is worth the investment.

Our enclosures are customizable and constructed using woven wire mesh partitions that have been double crimped and clinched on drawn metal frames. That translates to a product that will last well into the future and benefit your company for years to come.

Types of Doors

You as well as your employees need to be able to enter the enclosure in an easy and safe manner. But you also don’t want anyone simply visiting your establishment to access materials being held inside the enclosure. So, you must choose the type of door that works best for you.

There are two main types of doors that can be installed on the outside of your enclosure. Each can then be further customized with window panels and locks to increase security.

Single Slide Doors Without Transom

This type of door is mounted on the outside of your custom metal fabricated enclosure and can be installed so it either closes left or right. Padlock lugs do come standard but cylinder locks are optional and can be ordered if desired.

You’ll find that the entire box track set comes complete with rollers, guides, and stops. If you choose this door, you will need 2 slide door posts on either side of it. To ensure this door works for you, we do fabricate a wide assortment of heights and widths.

Single Hinged Doors

Stock doors of this type are hinged to swing out left and the standard height is 7 feet. If you desire a transom, they are primarily used with doors that are 8 or 10 feet tall.

Much like the single slide doors, padlock lugs are standard and cylinder locks are optional. Also, 2 hinged door posts are required on each side of the door.

Types of Locks

Restrict who can access your enclosure and when with customizable locks for your door. We offer a few wire partition lock options depending on your specific needs.

Each has its advantages but if you are unsure of which one to choose, the standard cylinder lock or padlock are always dependable options.

Secure Your Equipment

Jesco fabricated enclosures are built to last and will keep the area you’ve chosen to isolate, secure. If you’re looking for ways to customize your enclosure, our team of custom metal fabricators in Litchfield, MI, have constructed several entrance options for you to choose from.

Contact us online to request a free quote or call Jesco Industries, Inc. today at 1-800-455-0019.

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