Industrial Shop Hopper Jesco Husky Dumper

Why Your Shop Needs an Industrial Hopper

As a member of the National Association of Manufacturers, Jesco® is aware of the amount of scrap that gets produced in one day. Traditionally, scraps fall to the floor or lay in a wired crate, waiting to be emptied. Standard scrap dumping practices are often inconvenient, hazardous, and generally messy. Jesco® offers a solution with an industrial hopper like the JescoHuskyDumper®. To learn how we could help your shop, keep reading.

Shop Cleanliness

All those scraps laying around your shop should have a home, otherwise, things get chaotic and products gets wasted.

In order to maintain OSHA standards, your manufacturing shop needs to maintain a certain degree of cleanliness. Our custom designed and classic hoppers can fit any machine application you have and will collect scraps in a centralized location that’s easy to dump.

Rather than letting pieces fall to the floor, they’ll fall in one of our hoppers. You won’t have the headache then of picking up small sheet metal strips, wire endings, cage wraps, torn coil, or any other things that may be lying around your shop. If you divide your scraps into reusable and trash pieces, our hoppers can also help by having one at each of your work stations.

Industrial Manufacturing Shop Hopper Jesco Husky Dumper

Side Bonus: Most of our hoppers have the option to come with custom casters! You can wheel your hoppers around to different stations if needed and still benefit from their ease of use and safe dumping designs.

Team Safety

Not having to transport scrap materials by hand protects your company from major hazard risks.

When a product has to be picked up off the ground and sorted into traditional scrap bins, your workers run the risk of injuries because often times moving scraps seem harmless. This leads to careless practices and more snares and slits.

On top of moving individual pieces, traditional scrap material handling methods are dangerous and inconvenient when scrap crates need to be emptied. Often times the process requires a forklift to move the crate to a dumpster, where someone has to use gloves to toss in each piece of trash by hand. If the crate is able to be lifted by a forklift and dumped, scrap (especially wiring) often snags on metal grates and may need a person to step in and empty it by hand.

Scrap Material Handling Industrial Shop Hopper Jesco Husky Dumper

With a JescoHuskyDumper, no one even has to touch the scraps. All your scraps can fall into our bin, which the forklift can pick up and transport to the dumpster. Once there, the automatic dump feature on our hoppers will empty the scraps safely.

Production Convenience

Without having to clean up scraps as much, or hassle with dumping them somewhere, the JescoHuskyDumper also speeds up production in your shop. This is a convenience factor that may seem small at first, but when you add up all the time saved with this method it could mean turning out a few extra days worth of production each year.

Ready to Work With Jesco?

If you’re ready to use JescoHuskyDumpers in your shop, feel free to request a quote today or reach out and call us at (1-800) 455-0019. As your international manufacturing provider, Jesco Industries has over 80 years in the industry, and we can’t wait to please our customers with more.

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