Case study: Specialty Carts for Electrical Products

The Challenge Accepted and Won!
By Jennifer Marshall, Catalog Sales
Jesco Industries, Inc.

Ergonomics SolutionsWOW! These are REAL carts, more than anyone expected!
Who doesn’t like to hear praise like this when you are a manufacturer in a very competitive market such as the material handling industry. This is a compliment we all would love to hear.

Jesco Industries, Inc., a manufacturer in the material handling industry since 1932, offers custom fabrication and material handling equipment to clients across the globe. Jesco manufactures self-dumping hoppers, LP storage cabinets, guard rail systems, wire mesh lockers and enclosures along with industrial work carts and trucks. We received the compliment from one of our dealers, Ergonomic Solutions out of Louisville, Kentucky and their customer, who is a major supplier of electrical products.

Ergonomic Solutions a supplier for over 65 years and since 1982 started providing client consulting
services based on the “human factor”. Ergonomic Solutions listens to the customer by coming in to evaluate, develop, design, test and provides a solution based on the ergonomic and safety of the personnel in the work place. Tim Regan, a representative of Ergonomics Solutions was approached by their customer for help to
resolve an issue in their customer’s distribution center. They needed to find a better solution to keep the packaging personnel from going into the warehouse, climbing on the pallets racks to collect the parts to fill orders to ship out. The customer decided their current method of part retrieval was leaving the company exposed to employee workman compensation injuries and liabilities; and therefore, needed a better way to keep everyone safe while on the job.

Ergonomic Solutions presented the idea for Portable Package Cart/Trucks to help solve the problem.
The package carts would be filled with stock by authorized personnel only and the carts were setup conveniently at each packing station. Cut down on the trips into the warehouse and increased their productivity.

A design concept was presented and then their search began for a manufacturer. After presenting their request for quotes to multiple manufactures; only Jesco Industries took on the challenge. The specifications were presented, Jesco offered some suggestions to the design, then a CAD drawing was created and offered to the customer. The design was approved, the carts built, packaged, and shipped.

When the carts arrived their response was “WOW! These are REAL carts and more than anyone expected!” They were blown away by the all welded, quality and the sturdy construction of the carts (no nuts and bolts here). Team work by all made this a successful collaboration!

From the Simplest to Complex Jesco Does it Best!